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About BC Interiors


At Balisier Concepts Interiors we specialize in creating contemporary, light and bright spaces infused with warmth and comfort.

There is a unique blend of vibrancy and airiness, sophistication and clever use of space that shapes our approach to creating beautiful homes.


Our lead designer, born and raised in the Caribbean and enriched by her almost 20 years in London, masterfully combines these influences to craft interiors that are uncluttered, organized, bright, and contemporary.


Each design reflects a harmonious fusion of vibrant Caribbean charm and sleek, modern elegance. Explore our portfolio to discover how we transform spaces into serene, stylish retreats that enhance your lifestyle.


Our vision is to enhance lifestyles through our homes that provide us a restful yet energizing atmosphere.

We believe that carrying out our mission statement will positively impact the lives of the families within our designed homes.  

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