BC Interiors is determined to provide each client with a personalized interior design service that ensures you get the home of your DREAMS!

From 1st contact to consultation and through project delivery to completion we ensure you are completely comfortable and feel in control of what is happening within your home. 

We understand, this is an important investment in your family and it's future. 


What makes BCI unique?

Having been born and bred in the Caribbean I am truly inspired by the WARMTH, ENERGY & VITALITY of the sun, sand and sea and design spaces to encompass the feelings of calmness and positivity that this way of life provides. 

Added to this is the influence also of my many years spent living in London, UK where my passion for use of space was really honed and my level of appreciation for just how much this impacts on our lives was nurtured and improved.

My mission is to create family homes that allow you to be together engaging in each others lifestyles and promoting amazing futures and ultimately Enhances Your Lifestyles!!!

Tropical Resort